Guitar Virtuoso, Motorcross Rider and High School Rock Star



Even though he just graduated High School, Matt has achieved something that many people dream about their whole lives: effortlessly shredding the guitar in front of thousands of people.

Matt started playing guitar at age 12. Two years later at age 14, Matt had somehow managed to master the guitar. His ability on guitar had advanced to a level far above his peers, so he would tag along to shows and help out setting up for his dad’s band. It wasn’t long until he was sitting in with his dad’s band. After a few shows, the band noticed that people were coming out to see 14 year old Matt sit in and giving him standing ovations. By the age of 15, Matt was performing 3 full sets of hard rock tunes and had become a full time member of his dad’s band.

Then it happened! One day 15 year old Matt heard a classic Ozzy song and decided to download the whole “Diary of a Madman” album. He fell in love with the musical style of Randy Rhodes instantly. He learned the whole album note for note on guitar that day (Matt has perfect pitch and the uncanny ability to play just about anything that he hears instantly). He performed the whole album for his dad that night and the idea for The Land of Ozz, was born: A band with a father and son guitar team performing their favorite music while paying tribute to Randy Rhodes.

Since then, Matt has been dazzling live audiences with his amazing talent and unique ability to recreate Randy Rhodes’ legendary guitar parts at big venues all over the east coast.

Matt collects guitars and plays several of them live. At the Land of Ozz shows, He typically plays his Burny Les Paul Custom, Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, Custom Replica Jackson Concorde, and Warmoth Super Strat all through 2-3 full Marshall Stacks. When he’s not playing music, Matt likes riding motocross, fishing, lifting weights, and cruising around his jeep.